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Remember that if you are a MCCC grant recipient, you must use both MCCC and OCT logos on your advertisements.

Grant Writing Tips

There are a lot of great grant writing resources and tips available. Please keep in mind that some of the advice provided in these resources may not apply to MCCC’s criteria, but we still find them helpful.

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Final Report

The Final Report for grant cycle ending in 2020 must be filed online using the grant portal at

If you applied for an extension, due to COVID-19, your final great report deadline will be extended.

Here are some detailed instructions for submitting your MCCC final report:
1.      Log into your account at Make sure to use the same email address you used to submit your original application.
2.      Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
3.      A menu will drop down. Click “My Submissions”.
4.      You will see a submission marked with a green “Accepted”. Click on the organization’s name to left of this icon.
5.      Your grant application will be opened. Click on the tab that is labeled “MCCC 2020 Final Report”.
6.      Fill out the final report. You can save a draft or submit the report using the brown buttons at the bottom of the form.

Additional Resources

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