Cultural Plans


The Multnomah County Cultural Planning Committee (MCCPC) was established in April 2003, under the auspices of Multnomah County Commissioner Maria Rojo de Steffey, and charged with the responsibility of developing a plan for the use and distribution in Multnomah County of Community Cultural Participation Grant program funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust. The Committee met monthly to evaluate existing information about cultural needs and resources in the county and to develop priorities for the use of the Cultural Trust funds. The committee also considered the remarkable variety of cultural interests and activities in the county and deliberated long and hard about the best way to deploy Community Cultural Participation Grant funds in this diverse community. The committee adopted a capacious and elastic approach to culture, consistent with the diversity and variety of forms that cultural life assumes in the county.

In 2008, the Committee revised and approved the priorities listed below for the Multnomah County Cultural Plan. The Multnomah County Cultural Coalition is cognizant of, and works to compliment efforts of, existing arts, heritage, historical, humanities, and preservation organizations in the county.


Primarily, but not limited to, the grant guideline, review, award, and oversight processes, the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition will meet the following priorities:

  • Enhance arts education and cultural awareness among youth.
  • Make culture accessible and affordable to Multnomah county residents.
  • Support diverse cultural activities and organizations.
  • Encourage new cultural activities and organizations.
  • Advocate for the Oregon Cultural Trust and the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition.

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Multnomah County Cultural Coalition